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Since the 1990's, the Santa Fe Newcomers Club has been serving up a diverse menu of social, cultural, and educational opportunities to its members. Whether you’re interested in dining out around Santa Fe; discovering and discussing new books and movies; meeting renowned New Mexico artists in their studios; or participating with pals in hikes and walks, golf, and other outdoor activities, there’s something on our calendar each month that’s sure to interest you!


One of the many benefits of joining Newcomers is the chance to meet and connect with its 400 members, some of whom have lived here two weeks, others 20 years. Our members represent a vast array of interests and backgrounds. And there are just as many ways to participate and get better acquainted:

- Serve on a committee
- Lead an interest group
- Sponsor an event
- Help manage the website


The Santa Fe Newcomers Club depends on volunteers to make things happen. Join the fun! Join Newcomers today!


The Newcomers Club of Santa Fe, Inc., is a volunteer-run 501(c)(7) nonprofit social organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for setting club policy, establishing and supporting long-term goals, monitoring general operations, and approving the allocation of resources. The Board consists of volunteers from among the Club's membership. 

Volunteer committees, teams and coordinators help achieve club goals. There are opportunities for a member to get involved in coordinating Interest Groups, sponsoring one-time events with the Events Committee, or lending expertise to help manage the website or support club communications. 

We encourage you to join us as a member and as a volunteer! 

To be fair to all who inquire, the Newcomers Club of Santa Fe does not promote any organization, business, product, activity, volunteer experience, fundraising, or excursion. 

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